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What is Dreamstrata?
Dreamstrata is an Interactive Artbook of a fantasy story led by artists Michael Nguyen and Sorana Gatej. It is inspired by comics, illustration books, music, videogames, and all of the culture which it will bring to the forefront as it grows. Each chapter in the book takes you through the world of Strata, where you participate to help a colorful cast of characters proceed on their epic journey.
Each page in the artbook has a tree of glyphs that you press to reveal media that narrates the story piece by piece until you reach the end of the main branch to conclude a chapter.

Media includes illustrations, comics/dialog for character progression, video animations which capture breathtaking moments, reaction-based interactive cut scenes, and plenty of other surprises.
Memberships and Subscriptions
Dreamstrata is membership based and a free account allows you to view and interact with the story just like subscribers do. Paid subscribers get several benefits:
  • DS Points for purchasing of exclusive physical art prints and digital goodies based off of all artwork seen in Dreamstrata's storyline.
  • Extra storyline branches.
  • Collectible lore items and stickers (digital goodies) found and kept in your inventory as you progress through the story.
  • Checklists to track your physical art collection.
  • Inventory list to track your collectibles.
  • Polls to vote digital stickers for eligibility of becoming physically printed.
Artist Collaboration
The Dreamstrata household prides itself with artist collaboration opportunities, where we will choose an artist each month to contribute to the legacy of the Interactive Artbook. Giving back in such a way starts as soon as we hit our first milestone! Let's support the arts by paying artists for their contributions.
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The Dreamstrata project is now in a fully dedicated mid-alpha development phase. We are steadily piecing together our newsletter and Facebook page, so please join the party by sharing your e-mail with us and liking our page!

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